Joshua Baumgarten

The Irrational Library… a man, a band, a shop, a small press, an evenings of poets, musicians and obscurity coming together.

TheIrrational Library…spokensoulrocknrollboogieforyourbrainsfunkedupfreedompartyprotestmusic, Alright! 

The Irrational Library the heart of Haarlemtown’s underground.  The Irrational Library…a safe haven for the freaks, geeks and weirdos of the world. 

The Irrational Library…Now That We Still Can.

Joshua Baumgarten

The Irrational Library – (1971)

Poet, spoken word artist, presenter, organiser, producer, shopkeeper, father, husband, voice over actor.

Expat suburban NY jew living the life in the Netherlands.

Was taught early on by overly nationalistic school teachers to either “love it or leave it” so he left it. 

Now up to his kneck in the muck of cultural aggitation in Haarlemtown, Baumgarten is considered to be the second coming of some unknown beat poet from the 60’s.

Baumgarten denies this and does not believe in reincarnation.  Baumgarten has been said to use the word Fuck quite often in his writings.  Baumgarten has no idea why the fuck that matters and thinks people who use twitter are ebola rats. Baumgarten is the author of a number of self published books and continues to have little patience for poetry editors. 

As the frontman for the band The Irrational Library, Baumgarten says a lot of things that a large number of Dutch people don’t associate with.  Baumgarten is currently writing a collection of sweet character assasination pieces about members of the republican party.  Baumgarten hopes that one day poetry will be the golden shower to rain down upon all the nationalistic idiots around the world.