Irrational Library Shop Memorial Page

Submission statement

What was and what is is. And well what was some say was legendary. And at a certain moment legends know how to let go and move on. That is the why and the what of the end of the era of The Irrational Library HQ on the Doelstraat 31zw in Haarlemtown. For 7.5 years we were present in the 5hoek and shook up the city of Haarlemtown just enough. All good things come to an end, it is said. Well some great things come to an end as well and then go on to evolve into something even more devine. Hope to see some of you when we cross that line. Till then, stay creative and conform only to the convolution of the considered norm.

What was.

Since 2012 The Irrational Library Headquarters on the Doelstraat 31zw in Haarlemtown has been the offbeat valhalla for the curious, the nonconformist and those comfortable enough to cross the threshold of the unknown yet inviting.

A selective 2ndhand shop specializing in cult, cool and kitsch.  Classic and subculture literature, music, art and more.  Lp’s, CD’s, Films, comics, clothing, weird little things and more can be found in The Irrational Library Headquarters.  All that and The Mad Daddy’s Barbershop with Rob & Clemens too.  A little slice of something different in Haarlemtown.

oh, the good old days of Saturday afternoon instores.

Was located on the Doelstraat 31zw , 2011 XB Haarlem – in the 5hoek. 

Look for the pirate flag. Maybe it is still waving in the breeze.