We…are Doomed Dialogues Podcast

In this edition of the We…are Doomed Dialogues I am joined by writer, cartoonist, should be absurdist comedian, Robert Schuit. Some know Robert as author Joubert Pignon or as the cartoonist under the name of Bandirah. I know him as one of my favorite Dutch authors and an appreciator of the low as well as the high brow. We talk about being a new father, how it is to stop smoking and drinking at the same time, the short short story as a written form and strangely enough about MMA fighting. So listen and learn a thing about a thing or two.

In this new episode of the We…are Doomed Dialogues I sit down with a Sem Kramer. Sem and I know one another for a number of years. I call him the wiz kid but he is no longer a kid. A young man who gives me hope for the future generations. We talk about what it is like to be just starting out in todays world, dating during a pandemic, talking drugs with your parents and so much more. This conversation was a pure pleasure to have. I think you will all enjoy it as well.

In episode 3 I visit with artist Erik de Bree. What to say about Erik, well he is someone I have known for pretty much as long as I have lived in the Nehterlands. He has a unique apporach to creating art, he is a multitalented musician, having played in one of the best bands that Haarlem ever produced. He is part of one of Haarlem’s most unique artistic co-op’s and was one of my two best men at my wedding. In this interview we talk about art, music and make fun of Jeroen Blij a bit 😉 So, sit back, walk on and listen in.

In this episode of the Dialogues I visit with cartoonist/illustrator Maia Matches at her studio in Amsterdam. In my mind is Maia one of the best cartoonists in the Netherlands today. Stylized and full of social commentary, Maia does not shy away from whatever topic she chooses to tackle. So sit back, walk on and listen in.

In this first episode of the We…are Doomed Dialogues, I visit with my good friend and tattoo guru, Jevin de Groot. Jev, is gentle man of wonderful wisdom, gentle power and love inducing insight. A fantastic and original tattoo artist, a masterful guitar player (my fav) and truly someone I look to as being a universal being. It is a pleasure to start this new series of interviews with him. Enjoy.