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“…they have oodles of energy and the message is clear and varied.. this isn’t Burt Bacharach, this is full-frontal, finger on the trigger, assault.”

It’s been said that great art should make people uncomfortable. So, by that definition this is great art. You’ve likely never heard anything quite like this.

“This is the real deal, funk which tips its hat to the 70’s heyday; it is effortlessly groovesome, thoroughly infectious, swaggeringly cool and sexy as hell.”

“This is the first song where I actually laughed while listening. Baumgarten more or less tells everyone to fuck off and it’s beautiful. There are some clever anecdotes and no one seems to have a safe space here.”

The Irrational Library goes for an intense, no-holds-barred truth to power statement with “Everything at All Times and All Things at Once”.

“Everything At All Times And All Things At Once” van The Irrational Library is een fantastische plaat, waarbij de gesproken maatschappij kritische teksten centraal staan en de muziek swingt.”

The Irrational Library is een opmerkelijke bijzondere aparte band.

The Irrational Library Band zoekt naar spontane momenten in muziek.

Het resultaat is een energiek, spetterend album van de band The Irrational Library…waardoor je helemaal op het puntje van je stoel gaat zitten.

The Irrational Library wikkelt met Liberate Yourself (Haarlemtown) funky rock in maatschappij-kritische poëzie

The Irrational Library Band: Haarlemse band met een verhaal